Agro-Environment Sector

The Climate and Sustainability Foundation (FCS) aims at promoting and developing the implementation of programs in several fields such as climatology, agronomy and forestry, renewable energy production, environmental monitoring and natural resources protection, sustainable management and land planning. The FCS carries out activities according to lines of action such as research, transfer and training, providing support to companies in evaluating innovative and sustainable technological solutions and in experimenting new methodologies based on quality production models linked to the territory and food chains.


  • Agro-food and forestry supply chains
    The activities originate from the relationship that FCS wants to achieve between agriculture and environment, represented by the concept of “sustainable agriculture. The supply chains that FCS deals with, are: pasta, bread, spelt, wine, olive oil, forest / wood and honey.
  • Climate change and environment
    FCS operates in research projects dealing with climate change in terms of mitigation and adaptation strategies in agriculture.
    FCS carries out environmental studies such as: LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), Carbon and Water footprint, GHGs emissions measurements and estimations.
  • Environmental monitoring
    FCS is involved in research projects dealing with agrometeorology and bioclimatology (analysis of the effects of the physical environment on living organisms) focusing on thermal comfort, heat waves and urban climate.
  • Precision farming
    FCS carries out activities and projects focused on the adoption of precision agriculture techniques (including the application of remote sensing), particularly for irrigation and fertilizer management, cropping systems (mixed cropping, agroforestry) for improving agronomic, economic and environmental performances.
  • Water management
    FCS operates in research projects on water management in agriculture. In particular, modeling and simulation of crop water requirements, and assessment of irrigation efficiency.
  • Soil conservation
    FCS carries out activities and projects focused on soil assessment and nutrient losses, soil management practices, soil erosion control systems, actions and measures for sustainable land use.
  • Renewable energy
    FCS operates in the context of projects operating in the renewable energy sector, particularly from biomass.



Prof. Simone Orlandini

Dott. Marco Mancini